Enterprise Mobility Management

We provide integrated enterprise and technology mobility services providing large scale, integrated solutions to meet enterprise mobility requirements.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are growing at an exponential rate in enterprises. With the growing number of devices, platforms and OS versions, enterprises are facing complex mobility management challenges.

Our managed service enables you to:

  • Enrol devices in your enterprise environment quickly, configure and update device settings over-the-air, and secure mobile devices
  • Protect data on lost or stolen devices with remote lock, partial and full wipe features
  • Rapidly adapt to meet the changing landscape in mobile devices and adopt new capabilities to meet the ever-increasing sophistication of threats and attacks
  • Helps reduce complexity and lower costs of enterprise mobility environments

Mobile Application Management

Increase in penetration of mobile devices has resulted in increase in usage of mobile applications. Today's mobile users expect mobile applications that connect them to enterprise resources, promote collaboration with colleagues and increase their productivity. Management of mobile applications on multiple mobile devices on multiple platforms with different operating systems versions becomes a difficult task for system administrators. This makes routine tasks such as deployments, configuration settings, application installations and help desk tasks very difficult.

We provide service to address challenges of acquiring, distributing, securing, and tracking mobile applications.

Mobile Content Management

Employees need anytime, anywhere access to corporate content to stay productive. Many employees are taking advantage of free file sharing services to access sensitive documents, putting your organization's corporate data at risk.

Our expertise helps in managing and securing enterprise data on any given device providing employees with the mobility they want while gaining control over the devices that access corporate data.

Mobile Secure Browsing

Mobile Internet access provides a wealth of possibilities for interactive customer experiences, mobile point of sale transactions and more, but it also poses security risks. Employees often have access to websites that are unnecessary to your business and could contain malware.

Our expertise helps enterprises meet challenges around deploying required policies and configuration for employees to securely browse internet and intranet sites without compromising on quality.

Mobile Security

Accessing corporate resources from a mobile device can introduce a significant threat to corporate security. Security for mobile devices, applications and content is a paramount concern. Whether using a corporate-owned or employee-owned device, employees access corporate data, email and more from their mobile devices. These user actions require an enterprise to implement a mobile strategy with strong security policies.

Our expertise in mobile security provides an enterprise with the capability to combat security risks, while ensuring the availability of mobile device to maximize employee productivity.


With the increase in penetration of mobile devices, enterprises permit employees to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work. Securing employee-owned devices and supporting different mobile platforms, however, can become a complex task for an enterprise

Our experience in this domain enables us to provide services which empower an enterprise to deploy solutions which are scalable and support both device ownerships without compromising on security.