Innovation Strategy and Planning

iQuent provides end-to-end architecture, design, development and deployment services for a wide range of products and services in Enterprise and Telecom domains.

Better product management strategy comes from careful and inspired market and customer analysis. Customer requirements and needs must be clearly understood taking into account competitive positions. Only a comprehensive product management strategy can provide the discipline and structure needed to develop quality and innovative products and solutions. With a highly skilled and experienced team, we can support you on:

  • Market Research
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Planning and defining Product Strategy
  • Performing Feasibility Study
  • Developing Proof of Concept (PoC)
  • Supporting customers on taking Strategic Decisions.

Our strategy is to avoid innovation erosion when moving from idea to design to prototype to production to market and bridging technology, product management, and marketing to ensure the original strategic design remains intact.

With our flexible approach, we can implement new and innovative products and solutions quickly and easily, ensuring our customers get the support they need and enjoy with a consistent and reliable experience.

Approach we follow:

  • Comprehensive product management strategy
  • Thorough understanding and analysis of business requirements
  • Strong capability in Project Scope Management
  • Robust Quality Management Systems / Practices
  • Strong focus on timely delivery adhering to budget constraints
  • Address key customer challenges including time to market & cost optimization
  • Rigorous Program / Project Management practices based on PMP/ Prince2
  • Timely and Quality delivery while reducing risks

Service Design and Delivery

iQuent understands how important it is to assess the business process impacts and estimate all related costs during the design phase of a project.

We understand the demand at early stages and involve in driving the relationship with the other product verticals and translating operational needs of the product and its market environment into processes and automation requirements.

We are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of Service Designers. Our Service Designers are capable of providing real design and thought leadership, rather than simply documenting and collating inputs.

Our Service Designers take responsibility and ownership for designing and delivering end to end service vertical for a set of products or solutions including:

Manage end to end Service Delivery

  • Manage delivery from product or service concept through to operational live.
  • Cross functional planning to align project deliverables with different market conditions.
  • Management of product/service/solution transition and rollout.

Service Design Specification

  • Design end to end processes to support products and services in scope.
  • Define Service Design Specifications and associated models for products or services in scope.
  • Identify and manage high level service impact.

Support Model and Service Performance

  • Define the terms of engagement and service level agreements for parties involved, including expected SLAs, reporting and interaction methods.
  • Define and work towards improving the service target levels and requirements for enhanced KPI's.
  • Build and maintain Service KPIs for tracking performance against targets.

Ready to Sell

  • Define and deliver operational costs to run the Service.
  • Train customers to sell, operate and support their end customers.
  • Enable customers to sell the product or service to their end customers.

Product Design and Management

Creating quality products and solutions is a complex process that relies on sound technical design expertise, close team collaboration and ability to execute projects in a cost effective and timely manner.

We take end to end responsibility for product and solution designs, and ensure that the design is accepted by all stakeholders.

Our technical leads and architects have deep knowledge and expertise to lead and deliver:

  • High Level Design (HLD)
  • System Architecture
  • Low Level Design (LLD)
  • Integration and Operation Design

We ensure that the product and solution designs are operable, maintainable, scalable and robust.

Product Management

Our Product Managers develop, launch and manage the product lifecycle for key technologies to drive market share, net promoter scores, revenue and profit targets across markets.

We understand user requirements and analyse the market to build a product or solution that is both desirable and viable for our customers. Our product managers possess the skills and ability to assess markets, set the course, lead and influence cross-functional teams involved in product management processes.

Seven phases of our Product Management practice:

Idea: In this phase, new suggestions, ideas and feature requests are captured and analysed. It's important that every idea is captured in an organized manner from the very start. Our strategy is to avoid innovation erosion when moving from design to prototype to production to market.

Specifications: As a part of this phase, ideas and feature requests are detailed out, in order to better understand the business benefits, impact, estimated cost and high level risks.

Roadmap: In this phase, entire product strategy and vision is taken into account, and focus is put on the initiatives that line up with the big vision of the product. A roadmap is a communication tool that helps communicate where you are, where you are heading and how you expect to get there.

Prioritization: In this phase, a more detailed analysis is done, with the goal of setting priorities based on a various inputs.

Delivery: As a part of Delivery phase, the product manager works closely with the technology, marketing, support, and other teams to make sure features are delivered to a high quality and as per specifications.

Trials: In this phase, experiments are run and analytics are tracked in order to continually test and improve the product.

Continuous Improvement: Throughout the cycle, customer feedback plays a key role in validating and improving on proposed features and products. It offers direct insight and suggestions that help you to understand how you are doing to solve issues you're trying to address, and to discover new issues you weren't aware of.

User Interface, Visual Design and Branding

We understand user behavior and needs, and translate user insights into product and service ideas. Our innovative designs include,

User Interface

iQuent's state of the art user interfaces are engineered to stay out of the way. Our User Interface (UI) Design is focussed around users, their needs and ensuring that the user interface is easy and pleasant to use.

We keep our interfaces simple and clear by making strategic use of colour, texture and latest market trends.

Visual Design

The Visual Design Service provides a professional end-to-end Design Service from concept to final delivery.

Our Visual Design Service offers professional, high quality and cost effective Visual Design patterns for our customers.


Branding can help enterprises stand out from their competitors. At iQuent, we help our customers in putting key branding concepts together - organization's key idea, its values, its vision and its approach to achieve that vision.

Our branding service involves brand creation, development and alignment.